Good deal of Sichuan Opera

Sichuan opera show is regarded as the magic of Sichuan province. The changing-face, spitting fire has won its popularity and fame in the world. The history of Sichuan Opera can be traced back to China’s Three Kingdom period when a style of ‘Canjun(join the army) opera’ became pretty prevalent in folk art. And in Tang Dynasty a band of give emerged in Chengdu adding new specialties to the opera. Later in Song Dynasty, the opera developed into a kind of Tsa-chu (variety show)opera combing local languages, folk customs as well as ditties in Sichuan. In the long history of evolution in the absorption of new elements and integration of variety style and characteristics the Sichuan Opera came into being at the end of Qing Dynasty when it was frequently performed for temple fairs and later became popular in the halls and yard to urban theaters.

Where to watch Sichuan Opera show?

The opera house is located inside the park (Culture Park, Wenhua Gongyuan) and called Shunfeng Yayun.

A long time ago, the Shu Feng Ya Yun was a tea house, serving as a gathering-place for renowned Sichuan opera performers. In recent years, Shu Feng Ya Yun has launched daily opera plays, performed by distinguished actors in Sichuan Province. They aim at providing visitors around the world with Sichuan Opera Unique Skills.


Add: No. 136 Qintai Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu.

When does Sichuan Opera show start?

It has a show every evening starts by 8:00 pm and finish around 9:20 pm.

What’s the price?

VIP: 320 rmb/pp (1 from the 4 available local experience included: 1. ear-cleaning  2.massage 3. dress up opera costume 4.opera makeup.)

A: 240 rmb/pp(1 from the 3 available local experience,  including: 1. learning hand shadow play 2. stick-puppet show 3. dumpling)

B: 180 rmb/pp(not recommend)

C: 140 rmb/pp(not recommend)

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